Providing technology and expertise

Our Technical Skills

We have experience in a large range of programming languages, including Pascal (Borland Delphi), C/C++ (Microsoft, Borland and Watcom), Visual Basic (v6.0 and .NET), C# (.NET and .NET Compact Framework), Perl, TCL/tk, PHP, Java (ME and SE) and Matlab, among others.

We also work on many platforms and operating systems, including x86 PCs and PC/104 boards running DOS, Windows and Linux, Nokia (and other phone manufacturers) running Symbian and Java, and PIC development boards.

For designing software we use a combination of Schematic (our own diagramming tool which has full UML support, click here for details) and Enterprise Architect.

With a wide-ranging portfolio of technically demanding applications to our name, you can be confident that we have the experience and expertise to provide the quality software you need to meet your requirements. Whether you require sophisticated website design, complicated algorithm development or real-time data acquisition and display, we can deliver a wide range of solutions using a variety of programming languages.

Solving problems

If you have a software problem, we have the experience and expertise to solve it for you. With over 10 years experience as a software development company, we can boast an impressive list of clients, many returning again and again with requests for our bespoke software service.

Offering a complete service

Whether your needs are great or small, we offer a complete service from design and specification to testing and installation. To make this process easier we have even developed some unique software, which allows you to add and track any modifications and to see how our time is being used. Itís an excellent hands-on way of keeping in touch with the project as it progresses. You also get to keep the “Intellectual Property” , ensuring that no source code is “locked in” in any way.

Working closely with you

Supplying quality software, on time and at a price you can afford, is something we pride ourselves on. How do we achieve this? Itís simple really. We work closely with our clients right from the beginning. By establishing a very clear and detailed specification document, you can be confident that both parties are clear about the time scales and requirements involved.

For examples of our work, please click here.